Decertification Oddities in Florida and Montana

The Orange County Classroom Teachers Association, one of the largest locals in the NEA-AFT universe, was decertified by the Florida Public Employees Relations Commission because of paperwork errors. The union says the technicality will be cleared up this week, but in the meantime the school district refuses to communicate with the union’s representatives – “working to rule,” so to speak. Until the union registers with the state, they don’t represent the teachers, district officials say.

Meanwhile, faculty members at Montana State University are considering the decertification of their jointly NEA-AFT affiliated union.

“They’ve been here for four years. They’ve achieved nothing significant,” said Bennett Link, a professor of physics who is leading the effort to decertify the union. “They claim things that they didn’t do, and this doesn’t really inspire a feeling of confidence in the union.”

Union officers say “they have failed at communicating their victories.”