It’s Official: Civil War in NYSUT

It took a while to bring some clarity to the upcoming officer elections of the New York State United Teachers and the Revive NYSUT movement. But now we have it. Last Tuesday I wrote, “Until [United Federation of Teachers president Michael] Mulgrew states clearly that UFT is supporting a slate of candidates to replace Iannuzzi, this is all a lot of sound and fury leading to nothing.”

Yesterday Mulgrew announced his support of Karen Magee for NYSUT president and her Revive NYSUT slate. It came on the heels of an endorsement from former NYSUT executive vice president Alan Lubin, who cited, among other reasons, the failure of NYSUT officers to review and report on the state union’s expenditures.

Supporters of incumbent NYSUT president Richard Iannuzzi are ramping up their own efforts, treating the Mulgrew announcement with disdain. Even some UFT members are defying Mulgrew and throwing their support to Iannuzzi.

It’s understandable if you are confused about the issues and differences between the parties. Many of those involved are equally confused. For now, it’s important just to know that the leadership of the nation’s largest teacher union local is at extreme odds with the leadership of the nation’s largest teacher union state federation. It leaves American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten in a terribly awkward spot.