Common Core: The Past 24 Hours

If you thought things were moving fast in the Crimea, take a look at the swings in fortune on the Common Core battle map in just the last 24 hours:

* Alabama – “Bill In Works That Would Allow Common Core Opt-Out For Schools

* Arizona – “Senate backtracks on Common Core

* Connecticut – “Stamford Rep. Molgano Calls For Public Hearing On Common Core

* Georgia – “Common Core bill debated in Georgia House

* Mississippi – “Common Core comes back up at State Capitol

* Missouri – “Mo. lawmakers debate retreating from Common Core

* New York – “Assembly Passes Bill Halting Common Core

* Oklahoma – “Oklahoma lawmakers receive petitions backing Common Core education standards

* South Dakota – “EDITORIAL: Common Core misunderstood

* Wisconsin – “Bill that would undo Common Core academic standards all but dead

These kinds of political battles were inevitable as it is clear the public is mostly ignorant about Common Core. Both supporters and opponents are employing the usual tactics in an effort to sway this crucial bloc.

I have no opinion one way or the other on the Common Core and whether it should be adopted, but I do admit I admire the Alabama approach from a tactical point of view. They are essentially co-opting the opt-out movement. Very clever.


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