BREAKING: California Teachers Association Seizes Modesto Local

The California Teachers Association just released the following statement concerning tomorrow’s scheduled vote by the Modesto Teachers Association on whether to disaffiliate from the state union and the National Education Association:

BURLINGAME – CTA President Dean E. Vogel issued the following statement today regarding the unanimous decision of the CTA Board of Directors to place the Modesto Teachers Association in trusteeship in order to restore the democratic process.

“Deeply concerned about ensuring the rights of all members and the Modesto Teachers Association’s disregard for following required democratic procedures, the California Teachers Association’s Board of Directors voted to place MTA in trusteeship. After the MTA leadership was notified they were out of compliance, they remained unwilling to make necessary changes. CTA had no other choice but to step in to ensure all democratic processes are followed. Accordingly, the unlawful election scheduled for Tuesday, May 6, 2014, has been canceled.

“The Board has appointed Bill McMurray and Rhonnie Tinsley to act as co-trustees. Both McMurray and Tinsley bring more than 25 years of experience in working with local education associations, providing bargaining expertise and operational guidance. Assisting them as governance trustee is ­­­CTA Board member Larry Allen, a highly respected local leader from Middletown.

“It is CTA’s intent that democratic processes are immediately re-established and local control of the Modesto chapter is restored as soon as possible.”

Interesting how the election only became unlawful tonight. Only a few weeks ago, CTA president Dean Vogel was speaking to members of the Modesto local about their upcoming choice.

I’ll have more on the situation as it develops.


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  1. Typical CTA bullying tactics. They are all about the “democratic” process until the outcome of that process may cause them to loose larg amounts of dues money.

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