Police Turn Away CTA Takeover

Last night, the California Teachers Association placed a trusteeship over the Modesto Teachers Association in order to forestall today’s vote to disaffiliate. But the MTA officers reacted swiftly. The Modesto Bee reports:

The California Teachers Association moved to seize control of the Modesto Teachers Association office Monday, on the eve of a vote to leave the state organization. But MTA says police rebuffed the takeover and the vote will proceed Tuesday as scheduled.

“All they have is a scrap of paper saying they’ve imposed trusteeship,” said Rafael Ruano of the law firm Goyette and Associates Inc. of Gold River, who said he was speaking for MTA leadership. “They took an internal CTA vote and said, ‘We’re taking over MTA,’ and there’s no legal basis for them to do it.”

In a phone call Monday night, Ruano said the state group’s efforts to seize control of MTA bank accounts and property were unsuccessful, and that a court order would have been required to take such actions.

The situation, as they say, is fluid. More to come.