Modesto Teachers Vote to Remain With CTA

This just goes to show that rank-and-file members deserve more respect than they are getting from their union leaders.

The “unlawful” election in Modesto that the California Teachers Association tried to cancel went ahead anyway and resulted in a substantial victory for the state union. According to the Modesto Bee, 937 members voted – a large turnout – and decided to remain affiliated with CTA and NEA by a margin of 58%-40%.

But after fighting long and hard for this election to take place, the Modesto Teachers Association leadership nullified the results, on the grounds that there were two more votes than there were signatures.

We now have the comical situation of both sides claiming the vote didn’t count, even though the members seem to have spoken clearly.

Having a 40 percent minority against continued affiliation is a major problem for both MTA and CTA going forward, but the majority wants the status quo, and its wishes should be respected.

This should be welcome news for everyone, except maybe locksmiths.