Other Shoe Drops in Alabama, Boot to Follow

It took quite a bit longer to happen than I estimated back in September, but the Alabama Education Association took the first steps to oust Henry Mabry, its executive director, over his failure to “meet his obligations toward the sound financial operation of AEA.”

The union’s board of directors made the move after receiving the results of financial and staffing audits it authorized last year. In addition, the board passed a motion “to request that NEA partner with AEA so that swift and appropriate action can be taken to safeguard AEA and its members.”

That’s a lot of vague language after some very long closed-door sessions. AEA will not release the audits, but Mabry’s attorney suggested he may contest the dismissal, so the threat of leaks is high. A buyout containing a gag order is highly likely.

Having just returned, I don’t have the details of the audits yet, but it’s only a matter of time. NEA’s involvement will include not only help with financial safeguards, but public relations for the moment when this all hits the fan.