California Teachers Association Fired Staff Union President

Until recently, Katie Howard-Mullins was an employee of the California Teachers Association. The union fired her, for reasons unclear to outsiders such as myself. What makes the action noteworthy is that Howard-Mullins was also the president of one of CTA’s staff unions, representing CTA’s employees against union management. This has her colleagues up in arms.

CTA’s employees are protesting the lack of progressive discipline, rather than a gross miscarriage of justice, suggesting Howard-Mullins may have committed some sort of infraction requiring administrative action. However, if we apply the union’s own standards, the firingĀ of a union president is automatically suspect on its face.

We’re unlikely to learn what led CTA to this action, but it bears remembering, should accusations of retribution against union officers become an issue in the future.


One thought on “California Teachers Association Fired Staff Union President”

  1. Thank you for your article regarding CTA’s firing of California Associate Staff President, Katie Mullins. CAS’ position is not one that implies Katie was due any discipline, progressive or otherwise. Our position is that CTA has wrongfully terminated our President and is behaving badly and unlike a union.

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