EIA Exclusive: Alabama Education Association Placed Under NEA Trusteeship

The Alabama Education Association, beset by financial problems and waning political influence, was placed under national trusteeship by the National Education Association this month.

The action was taken at the request of AEA’s officers after they received the results of financial and staffing audits and forced the resignation of executive director Henry Mabry.

I have no information yet regarding whom NEA named as AEA’s trustee and I can find no evidence yet that the members have been notified – formally or informally.

AEA becomes the third NEA state affiliate to be placed under trusteeship, joining the South Carolina Education Association and the Indiana State Teachers Association.


One thought on “EIA Exclusive: Alabama Education Association Placed Under NEA Trusteeship”

  1. The trustee for AEA is Greg Burns. The membership knows Henry Mabry is no longer the exec. If you go to the website http://www.myaea.org and look under contact, you can find his name there.

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