Hawaii Challengers File Suit Against New Election

Honolulu Civil Beat has posted the request for an injunction against a new election and a demand that the victorious challengers from the Hawaii Teachers for Change caucus be installed as the duly elected officers of the Hawaii State Teachers Association.

The incumbents are defiant. “The media and some angry members are having a field day casting aspersions on the members of your board; including the notion that the decision to re-vote was a way for the old guard to remain in power. This assertion could not be any further from the truth,” said HSTA executive director Wilbert Holck.

“The decision [for a revote] was made with care and diligence and we will continue to move forward with the elections,” said term-limited president Wil Okabe.

The results of a new election will either ratify the previous results or, if the incumbents win, will be challenged internally and in court for the extraordinary procedures that were followed. This could drag on for quite some time (see Fresno for a similar case).