Call and Response

National Education Association president Lily Eskelsen Garcia is a former elementary teacher, a musician and singer, and an Army brat. It isn’t surprising, then, that she would make generous use of the “call and response” technique when interviewing Presidential candidates.

For all her criticism of standardized tests, she really like standardized answers.

“We must reduce the emphasis on standardized tests that have corrupted the quality of the education received by children.” – Lily Eskelsen Garcia, April 21, 2015.

“Education is not just how well you do on a test. We know about a lot of different learning modes ant not every child learns the same way.” – Hillary Clinton, June 8, 2015 interview with Eskelsen Garcia.

“Increasing the frequency of tests doesn’t necessarily increase the quality of education.” – Martin O’Malley, June 18, 2015 interview with Eskelsen Garcia.

“Teaching kids just to take test in my view does not go far enough.” – U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, June 18, 2015 interview with Eskelsen Garcia.