NEA Representative Assembly 2015: Membership Math, One More Time

I know I’m the only one in the hall who cares at all, but I want to address once again the claim that NEA membership increased in 2014-15, using photographic evidence.

Here are the membership slides, showing the numbers as of June 23, 2014 and June 18, 2015:


Take a look at each category: Active certified actually down almost 9,000, Active ESP down more than 5,000, Active Life down almost 1,800, students down 2,800. Retirees are the only category that went up (7,000) which isn’t really great because those people used to be full-dues-paying active members. The number of agency fee-payers (not included in the totals) rose by more than 12,500, which is a good news/bad news sort of thing: good if they were previously not in a bargaining unit, bad if they were previously members.

Then there is the “others” category, which wasn’t even included last year, but has more than 8,400 members this year. If we compare apples to apples almost exactly one year apart, we have a decrease of 11,584 members.

More power to you if you can magically turn that into a 14,353 member increase and no one notices, but I’ll stick with traditional arithmetic.