NEA Representative Assembly 2015: The Final Few

The last of the NBIs have been submitted and published. Here are some to watch:

NBI 84: Directs NEA to stop using the phrase “right to work” and replace it with something like “educating without rights.”

NBI 85: Wants model legislation so that the RICO Act cannot be used to prosecute educators.

NBI 90: Calls for the postponement of standardized assessment of English Language Learners until state-approved English proficiency assessments show them to be proficient in English.

NBI 96: Calls for stiffer penalties against parents who assault teachers or support staff.

NBI 114: Would eliminate the requirement of voter ID at NEA Representative Assemblies.

There are a total of five NBIs calling for varying levels of support for the opt-out movement. So far, one has been defeated and one has passed. NBI 115 is the most comprehensive of these, directly requiring NEA to “support a national opt out/test refusal movement.”