NEA Representative Assembly 2015: NEA Opts In to Opt Out

After flirting with the issue on previous measures, the National Education Association Representative Assembly approved a new business item that supports the movement to opt out of standardized tests.

NBI 115 read:

The NEA will work within existing infrastructure to engage and leverage our current partnerships with parents and families to support a national opt out/test refusal movement.

The item passed by a large margin without debate.

The assembly came to a close at 8:26 pm after the delegates had committed $1.4 million of union’s $3 million contingency fund to enact new business items.

Additionally, the union announced it raised an average of $206.48 per delegate for the NEA political action committee fund, bringing its total for the year to $3.4 million. That’s $400,000 short of last year’s total at this time, but this is an off year for elections.

Finally, supporters of Constitutional Amendment 1, the measure that would have granted a full allotment of NEA delegates to merged state affiliates, refiled the amendment for consideration at next year’s RA.

That’s all from Orlando. Thanks for your attention during a grueling four days and your indulgence while I make my way back to the West Coast to resume normal operations.


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  1. Thanks for the final notes Mike. Had to leave around 5 yesterday to catch a flight back (wife returned to work today). Would have seen the whole thing if not for spending almost 3 hours for 2 NBI’s.

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