Locksmith Alert! Florida Local Votes to Leave NEA/AFT

We have all the ingredients for a black ops mission by an elite team of locksmiths and password-changers to airdrop into the Florida Panhandle and force a regime change to restore democracy.

The Santa Rosa Professional Educators (SRPE) has 950 members, but its parent union, the Florida Education Association, believes it has more, and is demanding its share of dues corresponding to that higher number. FEA says SRPE is $128,000 in arrears.

SRPE denies the debt, and claims FEA wants the local to be absorbed into its Central Panhandle regional unit, and raise its dues.

“The information was recently presented to the SRPE executive board during a regular meeting. In a unanimous vote, the board voted to disaffiliate from FEA,” the Santa Rosa Press Gazette reported.

FEA’s response was immediate, sending e-mail bulletins to SRPE members and detailing staffers to remove state union-owned computers from the SRPE offices. SRPE says services to members won’t be disrupted, and can probably be provided more cheaply, since the local sends FEA $30,000 a month.

An FEA spokesman said the state union is considering legal action and “wants to have a full discussion with members on this topic.”

I suggest that full discussion take place while SRPE officers and staff are atop a barricade like this one.