Declassified: Hillary’s NEA Town Hall Answers

Three weeks ago I ran an exclusive containing most of the questions the National Education Association board of directors asked Hillary Clinton before its endorsement vote, and her replies. Nine days later, I reported the results of an August phone survey of NEA members regarding their support of the various Presidential candidates.

The items picked up a great deal of secondary coverage, always with the qualification that it came from me and had not been independently verified. As far as I can tell, no one checked with NEA or the Clinton campaign to see if I reported accurately.

NEA board members have subsequently disseminated the information throughout the union. Since my sources can no longer be compromised, I have posted relevant source material from a report by a member of the NEA board of directors. It contains all the information I previously reported and some additional minor details.

I embedded the images below, but if they are difficult to read, you can see a larger image of page 1 here, and page 2 here.