Memphis Disaffiliates, Alabama Amends Constitution, Nevada Teamsters on the Verge

No sleepy Friday this week. We have three big stories to update:

1) The 4,500-member Memphis-Shelby County Education Association formally disaffiliated from the Tennessee Education Association and NEA. Eighty-one percent of the local’s representative assembly delegates voted to disaffiliate, exceeding the required two-thirds majority.

No public response yet from TEA or NEA, and the Memphis board of directors is “working to establish a new national affiliation.” I honestly haven’t the foggiest notion which national organization that might be, but I’m very curious.

In light of the vote margin and the size of the Memphis local, I think it unlikely that TEA or NEA can forcibly establish a trusteeship to head this off. By itself this is a big loss for NEA, and is even worse because it might act as a model for other disaffected locals.

2) The Alabama Education Association Delegate Assembly approved changes to its constitution in an effort to end the NEA trusteeship over the state affiliate. Reporter Brian Lyman of the Montgomery Advertiser was on hand and live-tweeted the debate and vote. A few tweets caught my eye.

It’s the last item that signals the greatest danger for NEA, particularly in the Southern states.

3) Votes will be counted tomorrow in the union representation election for education support employees in Clark County, Nevada. Since it’s Vegas, bet the ranch on the Teamsters defeating the incumbent NEA affiliate. At stake is a bargaining unit of about 10,000 workers.