Teamsters Defeat NEA in Clark County, Nevada

Dateline – Las Vegas:

Clark County School District (CCSD) support workers have voted overwhelmingly to join the Teamsters Union, the Employee-Management Relations Board (EMRB) announced today. There are more than 11,000 support workers in the bargaining unit.

The vote for Teamsters Local 14 was a decisive win over the current bargaining representative at CCSD, with nearly 82 percent of workers voting to join the Teamsters over the Education Support Employees Association (ESEA). The unit is made up of a wide range of support workers, including clerical, custodial, maintenance, school bus and cafeteria workers who maintain and operate America’s fifth-largest school district.

This result will ultimately reduce NEA membership in Nevada by about 22 percent.

UPDATE: With the support of only 970 employees (out of 11,000), ESEA still refuses to relinquish its exclusive bargaining privileges.