Georgia AFT President Compares School Choice to Murder

The Thomas B. Fordham Institute released a report yesterday ranking America’s Best and Worst Cities for School Choice. Of the 30 cities examined, Atlanta was the 9th most “choice-friendly.”

Reporter Molly Bloom of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution went to Verdaillia Turner, president of the Georgia Federation of Teachers, for a quote about the study and Turner obliged with a pungent one.

“That’s like saying Chicago is the most murder-friendly city in the nation,” she said.

Many will be outraged, but I prefer when union officers say what they really mean, instead of filtering it through a lot of mealy-mouthed vocabulary concocted by PR professionals.

Don’t demand an apology. Don’t circulate petitions calling for her resignation. Just send your child to the school of your choice. That’s evidently the worst punishment she can imagine.