Alabama Education Association’s Finances

I’m in the midst of updating the financial status of all of NEA’s state affiliates and will have the comprehensive picture ready on Monday. In the meantime, I’ll begin with individual affiliates, starting with the Alabama Education Association.

As with all IRS-based information, by the time it is collected and filed it is already more than a year old, so these figures from the 2013-14 school year reflect the situation before NEA established its trusteeship over AEA.

Total membership – 88,243, down 5.2%

Total revenue – $15.9 million (83% came from member dues), down 14.1%

Deficit – $8.6 million

Net assets – $5.1 million

Total staff – 157

Staff salaries and benefits – $10 million

Highest paid employee – Henry Mabry, $343,783 base salary

Highest paid contractor – Matrix LLC, $550,300