Indiana State Teachers Association’s Finances

It is now almost seven years since the Indiana State Teachers Association’s insurance trust collapsed. In that time the union has taken multiple measures to get out from under but financially it is still an NEA dependency. The national union owns the ISTA headquarters building, and ISTA still owed NEA $12.6 million as of 2014.

The numbers below show an improved bottom line, but much of that is due to $2.4 million in “project income” from NEA. ISTA has lost more than 12,000 members since 2009.

Total membership – 41,016, down 3,700 members

Total revenue – $23.2 million (73.3% came from member dues), up $1.6 million

Surplus – $5.4 million

Net assets – negative $8 million

Total staff – 73

Staff salaries and benefits – $8.7 million

Highest paid employee – Brenda Pike, executive director – $168,000 base salary

Highest paid contractor – Riley Bennet and Egloff – $585,355