Nevada State Education Association’s Finances

The Nevada State Education Association cut expenses dramatically, but it is merely marking time while its ESP affiliate – the Education Support Employees Association – hangs on like grim death to its exclusive representation privileges despite getting trounced in multiple elections by the Teamsters. ESEA constitutes about 20 percent of the state union’s total membership.

Total membership – 24,062, down 480 members

Total revenue – $8.4 million (82.6% came from member dues), up $285,000

Surplus – $1.1 million

Net assets – $3.7 million

Total staff – 24

Staff salaries and benefits – $3.5 million

Highest paid employee – Gary Peck, former executive director – $151,366 base salary

Highest paid contractor – Dyer, Lawrence, Penrose, Flaherty & Donaldson – $833,722