I Have An Alibi

From Bloomberg.com:

In a rare twist, the first Friday of the month wasn’t the most exciting day for the Bureau of Labor Statistics this time around.

On Monday afternoon, a man was seen creeping along a second-floor ledge of a BLS building in Washington, D.C. When federal officers arrived, the suspect was inside, having gained entry by breaking a window, according to BLS spokeswoman Megan Kindelan, who described the event as a “security incident.”

It isn’t yet clear who the man is or what he was after, but it looks like both his timing and his geography were off. The most coveted statistics of the month, the non-farm payrolls report, had already been released on Friday, and this particular facility housed only public data.

…If an intruder did manage to access high-profile economic data from the BLS ahead of time and undetected, he or she could conceivably profit by trading on embargoed information or selling it to evildoers. This one not only arrived on the wrong day, but was off by two bus stops.

The media “lockups” for the payrolls reports, at which press receive embargoed copies of economic data for use in preparing their reports, take place at the Frances Perkins Building, the Department of Labor’s headquarters. The BLS facility breached Monday is dedicated to staff research on productivity and technology.