Teachers: This Is Why You Don’t Get More Media Love

Classroom teachers often argue that they are overworked, underpaid and unappreciated. Many of them can’t understand why the press is reluctant to highlight the unfairness of credentialed college graduates earning an average of only $57,379 (according to NEA).

The problem may not lie in whether their argument is true or not; it might be the audience to whom that message is being delivered.

CareerCast.com released its annual list of the best and worst jobs in America, based on salary, work environment, stress and outlook. Its researchers examined 200 job titles and concluded that elementary school teacher ranked 122nd on that list.

That’s not great, though it was tied with stockbroker and ahead of sewage plant operator.

The headline, however, is that for the third year in a row newspaper reporter came in dead last. Broadcaster ranked 198th.

The decline of newspapers isn’t even news anymore. The industry is in free fall, and the average reporter makes $36,390 – and is probably happy to have the work.

So if you want a more sympathetic ear, you might consider adjusting your talking points to account for the poor slob who has to write about how tough you have it.