Written in Stone

I’m a bit under the weather today, having just given birth to a 11mm bouncing baby kidney stone. While I thoroughly medicate myself and wince, you’ll have to make do with these other exceptional articles from the education policy world.

* “United Front: Teachers Unions Quietly Spend Millions on ‘Grassroots’ Groups” – The 74 has an extensive piece on the origins and operations of The Hedge Clippers, those grassroots activists wholly dependent on union support. How little things have changed.

* The National Council for Teacher Quality continues its crucial work exposing the “drummed up teacher shortage crisis.” Maybe all those laid-off teachers from the recession became hedge fund managers.

* Over at TeacherPensions.org, Chad Aldeman asks “What Was Behind the Rise (and Subsequent Fall) in Teacher Turnover?” and reminds us that human nature and demographics are more responsible for varying levels of teacher turnover than is education policy – just like, well, every other profession.