Union Exposes Vast Right-Wing, Moderate & Center-Left Conspiracy

In 2013 a Massachusetts Teachers Association task force created “Threat from the Right,” a document designed to alert members to the evil forces arrayed against them. Today the union updated that report with “Threat to Public Education Now Centers on Massachusetts,” indicating the threat has expanded beyond the right-wing and even includes some foundations and organizations that have dealings with teachers’ unions. I have made the 101-page report available on EIA’s Declassified page.

The introduction begins:

The threats aligned against public education and unions today are broad, deep and substantial. More and more, they are focused on Massachusetts, where proponents of charter school expansion are preparing to spend millions of dollars as they test just how far they can go in privatizing public education and profiting off the public good. The outcome of this assault is vital to the future of our Commonwealth — and to the future of public schools, colleges and universities across the nation.

For MTA members and students, this is nothing short of an existential struggle.

If this is the sort of thing that gets your blood boiling – on either side – slog your way through it. For me, it brings back tiresome memories of similar past efforts, like NEA’s 1998 “Anatomy of the Far Right.” Now that MTA has more than $9 million to spend on such activities, perhaps they can add the standard conspiracy flow chart we’re accustomed to seeing.

MTA is clearly concerned about the “blurring of ideologies” that has occurred among its opponents since those days. As this report shows, it has not led to much introspection.