AFT Gets Charter Union in Cleveland, Loses One in New Orleans

All 22 employees of the Cleveland College Preparatory School voted to join the American Federation of Teachers, making it the third unionized charter school in the area. However, teachers rejected unionization at the Lusher Charter School in New Orleans, in an election held after AFT sought to have the union automatically recognized through card check.

In other organizing news, 170 employees of the Calhoun County School District in Florida became the last in the state to unionize. They chose representation by the Florida Education Association by a vote of 61 to 55.

Union exclusive representation elections receive almost no attention outside of the people involved, but that result illustrates how determinative they are to a district’s future operations. It is very likely that Calhoun County schools will now remain unionized forever, due to the votes of six employees in 2016, and the failure to vote of 54 more.