Union’s “Fight For $15” Organizers Are, Of Course, Non-Union

Organizers working on SEIU’s Fight for $15 minimum wage campaign are themselves non-union. They want to join SEIU’s staff union, called the Union for Union Representatives (UUR). Ned Resnikoff of the International Business Times reports that “many labor organizations have found themselves struggling to make the most of dwindling resources. This can put union leadership at odds with their staff, especially if that staff demand the same protections and working standards that union members enjoy.”

UUR says the minimum wage organizers are effectively SEIU employees and should be covered by a union contract.

“It’s an awkward question for the SEIU and Fight for $15, which often accuse other companies of misclassifying workers in order to shirk their responsibility for fair pay and working conditions,” Resnikoff writes.

One organizer said she is “overworked, underpaid and precariously employed.” She said she was hired by SEIU and her supervisor is from SEIU.

“The only thing that keeps me from being an SEIU staffer myself is that my paycheck has another name on it,” she said.

You might think this is an anomaly, but union exploitation of low-paid, non-union employees goes way back. But at least these folks have homes to live in.