Exclusive: CTA Pledges $25 Million to Tax Initiative

This is all dues money from California Teachers Association members, so add to it contributions from the California Federation of Teachers, other labor organizations in the state, and the National Education Association, should CTA require additional millions from its parent affiliate.

The union-sponsored initiative would extend the income tax provisions of Proposition 30 until the year 2030. Prop 30 created four new tax brackets and raised the state sales tax, but this new initiative would allow the sales tax increase to expire.


One thought on “Exclusive: CTA Pledges $25 Million to Tax Initiative”

  1. You are correct. I see the California Teachers Association site does not state the $25 million contribution, but the site features several posts on future California Education budget cuts if Proposition 30 is not approved. Looking at the actual Proposition, I applaud the people of California if they can read and decide on it quickly (1/4 cent tax increase or not).

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