Wisconsin Education Association Council’s Finances

The recent history of the Wisconsin Education Association Council is well-documented, having gone from 99,708 members in 2008-09 to 53,983 five years later. Payroll was cut commensurately, but virtually every dollar saved on laid-off staffers was spent on outside political advocacy groups.

WEAC sent an astonishing $4.2 million to the Greater Wisconsin Committee, more than $550,000 to We Are Wisconsin, and lesser amounts to other organizations.

Total membership – 53,983, down 11,760 members

Total revenue – $13.2 million (93.9% came from member dues), down $5.6 million

Deficit – $3.2 million

Net assets – $8.4 million

Total staff – 160

Staff salaries and benefits – $6.8 million

Highest paid employee – Robert Baxter, executive director  – $150,739 base salary

Highest paid contractorMetro Industrial Areas Foundation – $180,000