NEA PAC Hopes to Raise $185 Per Delegate

The NEA Fund for Children and Public Education is the union’s political action committee, and federal law limits it to collecting only voluntary contributions from members and their immediate families. This is enough to make the NEA PAC a significant force when it comes to funding candidates for Congress and the Presidency, but it has nowhere near the impact of the union’s SuperPAC, independent expenditures and ballot measure spending. This chart from Open Secrets shows the PAC’s income and expenditures over previous election cycles.


You will note that the PAC’s highest spending election cycle was 2010, which… was not money well spent.

In any event, the goal of $185 per delegate is well within its grasp, seeing as it raised $206.48 per delegate last year. Raising PAC money from delegates isn’t the problem. Getting them to attend the Representative Assembly seems to be. Last year attendance fell to 6,724. That number again would bring in about $1.25 million. That’s not bad for a four-day haul, but the RA is by far the PAC’s biggest fundraising event of the year. Without better attendance the NEA PAC will be faced with the bane of unions everywhere: demanding more and more money from fewer and fewer people.