NEA Representative Assembly 2016: California Dreamin’

Hillary Clinton will address the delegates this morning and that will occupy much of the time and attention, but a whopping 91 new business items have already been submitted, the lion’s share from the California delegation. Here are a few:

NBI 18: “The NEA will publicize a call on Hillary Clinton to end the Democratic Party’s attack on public education. No more Arne Duncans. No more charter schools.”

NBI 20: “The NEA will publicize its condemnation of Donald Trump’s racist, sexist, and xenophobic presidential campaign and the impetus it is giving to immigrant bashing and violent racist and fascist organizing.”

NBI 36: “The NEA will publicize the role that the creation and then later closure of charter schools plays in leaving thousands of young people and families without any school, and in creating entire communities where no school exists and young people and families are thus denied the fundamental right to public education.”

NBI 50: “NBI NEA DEFEND PUBLIC SCHOOLS BY FIGHTING PRIVATIZATION. NEA will educate and organize their members to defend public education from the privatization process that threatens the existence of America’s democratic school system. NEA will educate its members on how to identify and effectively correct and refute myths, misinformation, fabrications, half-truths, and lies that form the prevalent corporate reformers narrative that is allowing and validating the dismantling and privatizing of America’s public schools system.”

NBI 52: “NEA will create a committee to draft a proposal for the U.S. government to create a healthcare system for all (single payer/Medicare for all).”

Delegates from other states also have some ideas.

NBI 35: “The NEA will withdraw from the #TeachStrong Coalition of the Center for American Progress.” The rationale provided is that the “membership of the NEA is committed to defending public education from the many corporate-backed groups in #TeachStrong, including Digital Promise, Education Post, Teach for America, National Council on Teacher Quality, Relay Graduate School of Education, and Stand for Children.”

NBI 45: “NEA will develop a list of job qualifications, to be given to presidential candidates, that candidates for Secretary of Education shall possess. This should include such things as formal training in education, experience as a public school educator, and no financial, employment, or positions supporting the education privatization industry.” The rationale states: “The Secretary of Education is the highest officer in charge of public education in our country. The Surgeon General is always a surgeon. The Attorney General is always an attorney. The Secretary of Education should be an experienced educator.”

Not to pick nits, but although the Surgeon General is always a doctor, I am 99% sure they have not always been surgeons.

NBI 55: “The NEA will petition the next President of the United States to remove the ‘National Charter Schools Week’ designation from the week that has traditionally been reserved for ‘Teacher Appreciate Week’.”

NBI 74: “1) NEA will gather evidence and inform its members of the impacts that charters have had on funds available for traditional public schools. 2) NEA will urge its members to not use the term ‘public charter schools’ and NEA will cease to refer to them as such.”

Finally, there is not one, but two distinct and perhaps contrary NBIs on graduation attire.

NBI 27: “President Eskelsen-García will write a letter to every state chief officer of public education recommending they support American Indian/Alaska Native and Asian, Native Hawaiian, and other Pacific Islanders’ wearing symbols of their culture during their graduation.”

NBI 79: “NEA will publish an article using NEA digital properties suggesting that all graduating seniors wear the same color and design graduation grown at graduation ceremonies making male and female graduates equal.”