NEA Representative Assembly 2016: The Value of Experience

I left the hall even though the delegates still had about 90 minutes of new business to conduct. When I left, they were beginning debate on NBI 23:

NEA will offer a two-day “Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training” for up to 30 delegates as a pre-RA option at the 2017 RA. Participants should represent a cross-section of NEA members, including teachers and support personnel. States or individuals will bear the cost of travel and lodging.

You wouldn’t think this would be controversial, but I was able to leave the hall, go get an early dinner, return to the hotel, check my e-mail, review the news stories about Hillary’s speech this morning – and the discussion of NBI 23 was still going on.

As I write this, the delegates just voted to refer it to committee after about an hour of debate.

I’m told there are 102 more NBIs left to go.