NEA Representative Assembly 2016: Charter War Escalation Delayed

This evening the delegates were to debate and vote on five amendments to NEA’s Policy Statement on Charter Schools, first created in 2001. Each of the five was hostile to charter schools as currently constituted, to the point of calling them “an existential threat to public schools.”

Perhaps because the amendments would have amounted to a heating up of a cold war unions and charters have been waging for decades, the delegates and sponsors agreed to have all of them referred to NEA’s charter school task force for review and possible incorporation into the policy statement, which would have to be approved by next year’s assembly.

In other news, the delegates approved NBI 45, which directs NEA to┬ádevelop a list of job qualifications for U.S. Secretary of Education, to be shared with presidential candidates and U.S. Senators. The list is supposed to include “formal training in education, experience as a public school educator, and no financial, employment, or positions supporting the education privatization industry.”

It seems to me there should be another word in the second part of that sentence somewhere, because it’s not grammatically correct as is. In any event, NEA better develop an inclusive list of all of the members of the education privatization industry, and then check it twice to make sure none of its friends and allies appears on it.