NEA Representative Assembly 2016: Not a Bundle of Laughs

The 2016 National Education Association Representative Assembly finally adjourned at 9:33 pm. Virtually all of the items I had chosen to track were bundled and referred to various NEA committees for action, or inaction, so there isn’t much new to expect in the coming school year.

One thing that is certain is the union will convene a task force to update and rework its policy statement on charter schools. Whether that policy will be more hostile or less has yet to be determined, but I know which way I’d bet.

NEA raised $189 per delegate for its PAC, exceeding its goal, but falling well short of last year’s total. Including the money contributed during the convention, the union has accumulated $3,355,000 this year to spend on federal candidates.

I’ll have more details and an overview of this year’s RA in the weeks ahead, but for now┬áI’m getting as far away from teachers’ unions as I can manage. Intercepts will run favorite posts from the EIA vault next week and I’ll return to the grind July 18. Thanks for tuning in.