Taking Release Time From the AFT Convention

I am not in Minneapolis attending the AFT Convention, which means I missed Hillary Clinton showing up fashionably late to deliver a speech “substantially similar” to the one she gave at the NEA Representative Assembly two weeks ago, including the same hurried reference to charter schools. And there was some commotion in the back of the hall that was shouted down by Hillary supporters. just like at NEA. Summer reruns.

Those observing from the floor are doing a fine job of reporting, but if you need more, AFT has gone the extra mile to live stream the proceedings. They have even gotten inside my head. When I checked the live stream at the appropriate time, I saw this…


…which is exactly what the insides of my eyelids look like as I doze off during most of these events. Now in Mexico, they have lively teacher union conventions, as we see from this YouTube video. The dispute was apparently about the number of delegates present from rival factions within the union.

In accordance with Robert’s Rules, that can be categorized as a decision by the chair.