I Guess We Ran Out of Great Education Governors

I spend so much time on what NEA is doing, sometimes I miss what it has stopped doing, and this one completely got by me.

Back in 2008 NEA began handing out the “America’s Greatest Education Governor” award at its annual convention, the initial recipient being North Carolina Gov. Mike Easley. In subsequent years it went to Richardson (New Mexico), O’Malley (Maryland), Beshear (Kentucky), Dayton (Minnesota), Brown (California) and Patrick (Massachusetts).

But I suppose it was getting to be problematic, with a shrinking number of Democratic governors who had not already received the award. It took me until now, almost three weeks after the 2016 convention ended, to realize that the award had been discontinued.

Except I checked last year’s notes and press releases and learned that there was no award in 2015 either. I didn’t realize it. No other reporter realized it. The governors didn’t realize it. And it doesn’t look like America realized it either.