Police Blotter

Rob Bulk, the long-time president of Atchison NEA in Kansas, is everything you would expect from a union activist. He helped coordinate diversity training not only within his district, but statewide. Last year he ran for a seat on the Kansas NEA board of directors, introducing himself to KNEA voters through this campaign video.

He raised $535 for his campaign through a GoFundMe page and was elected to sit on the 2015-16 KNEA board. But Bulk had a secret, and now he sits in the Atchison County jail on felony charges of “electronic solicitation involving a child under the age of consent and sexual exploitation of a child — promoting a child to perform.”

The unlawful activity became the center of an investigation after police were notified July 7 that a 14-year-old male victim had received multiple inappropriate text messages via cellphone from Bulk involving illicit photographs and videos. The initial messaging began in February, but over the course of time it became more sexual in nature. Some messages were communicated through Facebook Messenger and Snapchat.

…The affidavit indicates that, at four different times during the messaging, Bulk attempted to persuade the boy to engage in physical contact with him. The victim denied Bulk’s requests and was never present with Bulk at his residence or inside a vehicle with him.

Bulk is on administrative leave from his teaching position. His status as Atchison NEA president and KNEA director is unknown at this time.

* Kenneth Potter was a membership data technician for the South Dakota Education Association until it was discovered he had embezzled $4,130, but not from SDEA. Potter was the treasurer for the South Dakota Staff Organization, which is the union that represents SDEA employees.

Potter plead down to a charge of falsification of financial records, for which he received a year of probation. He repaid the money to SDSO, and lost his job at SDEA.