One thought on “Missed Approach”

  1. A bit more on answer B (not the same thing). First, policy makers aren’t asking how to fly a plane, they are asking how can we fly the plane better and more safely. Continuing with the analogy, while “policy makers” in that field certainly consult pilots, the folks charged with making plane transport safer and more reliable (engineers, behavior specialists and, yes, pilots and former pilots in the mix as well) are actully distinctly suspicious of pilots and their instincts. As well they should be given that pilot error, not mechanical failure, is the cause of most crashes. Thus, they have worked hard to limit the times when the pilot is in control (which has its own downside when things go wrong and the pilot is forced to be in control though the upside outweighs it). They also have spent a lot of time on pilot culture, forcing changes to how crews work together in an effort to minimize error and correct for error when it is made. I’m not sure our UFT teacher who asked the question really has an interest in being largely replaced by an auto-teacher and when she is in charge, being told by non-teachers how to do her job and how she must interact with her fellow teachers. But that is where her unhelpful analogy leads.

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