How Racist & Discriminatory Layoffs Are Made

I recognize the point these protesters are making is that no layoffs should be made, but I think it’s relevant to note exactly what procedures are used in the Chicago Public Schools system, according to its collective bargaining agreement with the Chicago Teachers Union.

If changes in an attendance center or program require the lay off of some but not all teachers, the order of layoff of teachers within the affected unit and certification shall be by the following performance tiers and/or as follows:

1. Any teachers rated unsatisfactory;

2. Any substitute or temporary teachers;

3. Probationary appointed teachers by performance tier (emerging: 209-250 score; developing: 251-284 score; proficient: 285-339 score; and excellent: 340-400 score).

4. Tenured teachers rated satisfactory or, after the first evaluation in the new evaluation system issues, first tenured teachers rated emerging (209-250 score) and then tenured teachers rated developing (251-284 score).

5. All other tenured teachers.

Within each of the foregoing five tiers, teachers shall be displaced by inverse order of seniority, with the least senior teacher being laid off first.

The Sun-Times also reports that 508 teachers were laid off, but there are 1,000 existing teacher vacancies, for which the district is holding job fairs.