Massachusetts Teachers Association Hires Temps to Do Union Work During Campaign

The Massachusetts Teachers Association is extremely committed to preventing 12 additional charter schools per year from opening in the state. It has authorized spending more than $9 million of its own money to defeat Question 2 on next month’s ballot and has successfully lobbied the National Education Association for almost $5 million more.

Along with this stack of cash, the union is also contributing manpower. With most of MTA’s regular staff lending their time and expertise to the No on 2 campaign, the union found itself short-handed for the mundane task of providing services to its members.

Fortunately for MTA, money is no object. The union appropriated $500,000 to hire temps to perform staff work until after Election Day.

Spending to employ non-union substitutes won’t show up on any campaign finance disclosure report, nor will agency fee-payers be reimbursed for their contribution to it, but it is political spending nonetheless. When you are mounting this kind of crusade there is no room for half-measures.