Today I Received an E-Mail from the Past

This morning my inbox contained an e-mail from If you never heard of the service, FutureMe allows you to write an e-mail and send it to yourself on any date you specify up to 50 years in the future.

My e-mail came from December 8, 2011. That was the day National Education Association president Dennis Van Roekel held a press conference to announce a “new three-part action agenda to strengthen the teaching profession and improve student learning.”

At the time I thought it sounded a lot like 1990s-era “new unionism.” But what prompted the message to Future Me was this quote from Van Roekel:

“Five years from now, we want people to look at NEA as a major catalyst for bringing about the kind of education all Americans want, all teachers can deliver, and all children deserve.”

Eh, not so much.