NEA 2017 Leadership Summit Sessions

The National Education Association will be holding a Leadership Summit in Orlando the weekend of Feb. 24-26 in Orlando, Florida. I have posted the full list of scheduled breakout sessions on EIA’s Declassified page, but here are a few to whet your appetite.

Political Advocacy! Organizing for Power! It’s Time to Lead!

Education professionals can’t afford to stay silent while budgets are debated or new policies are designed! We must get politically organized and join the policymaking process at every level. This session will engage participants in agenda driving strategies and tactics that will empower members to take a leadership role in organizing for good public education policy.

Organizing Around ESSA: How to Achieve Concrete Victories While Growing and Strengthening Your Local

This session will allow participants to self-select small groups based on their current level of ESSA work (beginning, designing, implementing). Each small group will feature crucial ESSA tools and resources, strategies, and examples appropriate for that particular stage of ESSA work. Participants will work with members of NEA’s Local ESSA Design and Implementation Team and state IPD staff who have utilized ESSA as an organizing tool.

Building Member’s Campaign-Activism for Strong Public Schools!

Educators are the most trusted voices in their communities, families, and the general public. In this session, participants will learn how to speak with authority, how to stay on message, and how to get the most out of activism using both “voice and digital” techniques and skills. The session will feature the Colorado Education Association and how it inspires its members to use their “speaking with authority voices” to advocate for their students, the community and their profession.

Creating a Culture of Political Advocacy & Political Activism!

In this session, participants will learn how to take advocacy to the activism level and advance the cause of social justice by developing a culture of community activism. Participants will create plans around educational issues that support student learning and member’s professional needs and rights

How to Use Improvisation to Become an Agile and Effective Leader

In this fun and engaging interactive breakout session, participants will learn tested improvisation techniques, engage in dynamic and structured
improvisation games, and how to become comfortable thriving in the
uncertainty of the moment. The best, most dynamic, leaders do this as a matter of course. Participants will understand how leading starts with listening and by fine-tuning engaged listening skills, we create more dynamic interactions.

Engaging Millennials and Getting Them Involved

This session will explore how to engage Millennials and provide creative tips to get them involved in the association.

Using ESSA to Recruit, Empower, Engage, and Influence Members to be
Actively Involved

This session will provide an overview of ESSA and how to use ESSA to identify potential educator leaders in the association. The training will also focus on tools, resources, and opportunities to organize around ESSA to build membership capacity. Participants will learn how to use ESSA to empower educators and community stakeholders by hosting round tables, focus groups, surveys, town halls, while building internal and external relationships. Participants will also create action steps and dates for deliverables on how to implement the objectives of the session.

Lobbying Republicans: An Overview

This session will provide an opportunity for members to participate in the
lobbying module of the Republican Capacity Building Training. This is just one of the modules developed by a group of Republican educators and Government Relations staff of several of NEA’s affiliates. Participants will learn how to build relationships and lobby legislators at the local, state, and national levels.

If You Asked Me What Race I Was, I Would Ask You What Year?

In this session, participants will explore how concepts of race are shaped and changed, how they become the emphasis of political conflict, and how they have come to pervade U.S. society. Race continues to shape both identities and societies in important ways. Yet, race is a social construction without any scientific evidence to support the classification of people into separate groups. This session will demonstrate how racial classifications are both arbitrary and capricious. It will also explain that race is a social construction; a term that symbolizes something that does not exist.

Attacks on Our Pension Plans Using Bogus Paid-For “Research” – Whose Behind It and How to Counter It

In this session, participants will learn ways to counter the groundswell of
incorrect information about the viability of our pension plans which are being assailed by bogus paid-for “research.”


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  1. Announcing the formation of the
    School District Governance Association of New Hampshire

    Concord, NH Dec. 12, 2016 –

    School board and school budget committee members currently have few independent resources to assist them in improving the governance and budgeting of their districts.
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    SDGA NH is a forum of experienced elected officials committed to:
    Educating elected school district officials as to their proper role and responsibilities
    Promulgating best practices in good governance and prudent budgeting
    Formulating model school district policies so boards will now have an independent, alternative resource
    Proposing and monitoring legislation that enhances local control in education and openness in administration.
    “Too often school district elected officials abdicate their lawful authority to hired administrators and entrenched interests,” says SDGA President, Donna Green. “SDGA’s mission is to move the balance of power back to elected representatives for the ultimate benefit of our children’s education.”
    The Association meets on the first Saturday of the month in Concord. Voting membership is open to past or present elected officials with fiduciary responsibility over a school district budget. Non-voting membership is also available for those who share our mission. For more information please visit our website,

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