Boston Teachers Union Officers Retire En Masse; New Slate Calls Dibs

Long-time Boston Teachers Union president Richard Stutman announced he will not seek re-election in June 2017. Normally this would lead to a step up in rank for the vice president and lower tier officers, but BTU vice president Patrick Connolly and secretary-treasurer Charles R. Johnson also announced their retirements, leaving the entire upper echelon of the union up for grabs.

You didn’t fall for that, did you? Don’t be ridiculous.

Candidates have already formed a slate called BTU For All and announced their campaign for the union’s leadership. The slate’s presidential candidate, BTU organizing director Jessica Tang, has been endorsed by Stutman. They must have known about the retirements for weeks because they established a Twitter account last month.

The slate adopted the mission statement of the United Caucuses of Rank and File Educators (UCORE), which means they line up with movement unionists more so than those who are services-oriented.

Interested parties who were hoping for a new way of thinking may get that, but not exactly in the way they wanted.