This Week Inside Baseball

Teacher union news is arcane enough, but detailing personnel moves goes that extra level below. Here’s more than you cared to know about who’s doing what and where:

* The floundering Indiana State Teachers Association is looking for a new executive director to replace Brenda Pike, who left to accept a similar position at the floundering Alabama Education Association.

* After running for every elected office from National Education Association president on down, Mark Airgood finally tasted victory, winning a runoff to become secretary of the Oakland Education Association. OEA has 2,700 members and Airgood captured 260 votes.

Airgood is probably NEA’s┬ámost prominent member of By Any Means Necessary (BAMN), a militant leftist group. Most NEA activists consider BAMN to be a mere nuisance, but some accuse it of cult practices.

* Robin Schmidt ran an unsuccessful campaign for president of the Teachers Association of Anne Arundel County. Now he wants to know why the union wants to change the rules and require presidential candidates to first serve on the union’s board of directors.

“Richard Benfer, TAAAC’s current president, and his minions believe that in order to run for the office of TAAAC president you must first be admitted to their inner circle to demonstrate your worthiness,” Schmidt wrote.

* A similar measure was defeated by representatives of the Denver Classroom Teachers Association, clearing the way for members of a social justice caucus to run for the top offices of the union.

* Former Kansas NEA board member Robert Bulk was sentenced to 68 months in prison after pleading guilty to two felony counts of sexual exploitation of a child (background here).