Secretary of Education Plan B

The American Federation of Teachers tweeted this today:

So I guess it’s safe to say tonight’s confirmation hearing won’t be a high-level intellectual discussion. AFT knows it’s just a question of counting votes, so what is this mania all about?

It’s pretty simple. AFT and NEA need a victory. Despite their best efforts and free spending, they ended up with a President who is not only worse for them than Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, but worse for them than any of the other two dozen or so Republicans who ran for the nomination, plus Gary Johnson.

Defeating DeVos serves only to demonstrate to the members and potential internal union opponents that the national organizations still carry some heft. But what would happen next?

According to one report, on Hillary’s very short list for Secretary of Education was Jennifer Granholm, former governor of Michigan.

If a Midwestern governor was good enough for Clinton, why not for Trump? Derail DeVos and open the door for this guy.

Get rid of him and others are still in the wings.

If you enjoy political theater, by all means get your popcorn ready and tune in to C-SPAN. But it won’t get better in the second act.