NEA Getting Down to Business?

I’m told this year’s National Education Association Representative Assembly, to be held in Boston July 2-5, will be markedly different from past conventions.

A lot of the ceremonial stuff – speeches, awards, announcements, etc. – will be truncated, removed, altered, rescheduled… all in an effort to streamline the proceedings and leave sufficient time for debate and voting.

I’m also informed that one of RA’s longest standing traditions may come to an end – the betting pool on adjournment time. Cramming on the final day happens all the time in education, and NEA often finds itself taking extreme measures in order to vacate the convention center in a timely fashion. In the 19 years I’ve covered the event, adjournment time has ranged from about 6 pm to about 1 am.

The plan is to end the convention at a designated time on the last day. AFT operates this way and does so by referring all remaining business to its Executive Council. I’m not sure if this is what NEA has in mind, or how well that would go over with the delegates. As an outsider, I would find it a welcome change.


One thought on “NEA Getting Down to Business?”

  1. I’m in total disagreement with this new ending. Just another way for leadership to try and control passage/non passage of items they (not membership) agree/disagree with. Another way to circumvent the will of the body.

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