Sometimes I’m Wrong

Over the last 20 years I feel I’ve been pretty good about getting facts right, but I can still mess up when speculating. That was the case this week when I wondered why NYSUT hadn’t released its election results. I wrote:

It could be a simple oversight or perhaps the results were embarrassing to the elected officers for one of two reasons: 1) it was too close; or 2) it was too much of a blowout.

Too close and it casts doubt on Pallotta’s support. Too large a victory and it casts doubt on how representative the NYSUT representative assembly is.

Well, an opposition caucus finally managed to extract the results from NYSUT, and Andrew Pallotta took 74 percent of the vote.

Contrary to my speculation, that’s right in the sweet spot he and his Unity caucus wanted. It was a resounding victory, but not up in the 95% range that would have prompted comparisons to elections in authoritarian nations.

We still don’t know why this wasn’t announced to the delegates or the public, but it does give us the proper lay of the land. There is a solid organized opposition within NYSUT, but it is nowhere near being ready to challenge the incumbent powers.