Charter School War Extends All the Way to Guam

Guam might be 9,800 miles from Los Angeles, but its education politics are similar in one respect: the teachers union hates charter schools.

So much so, that when a bill was introduced in the legislature to convert Simon A. Sanchez High School into a charter, the Guam Federation of Teachers (an AFT affiliate) listed seven reasons to oppose theĀ idea.

Only two need to be addressed. GFT’s press release states “students can be denied enrollment for many reasons such as disability and not being smart enough.”

This is triply untrue. Guam’s charter school law forbids charters to discriminate against applicants on the basis of disability, requires them to use a lottery or similar random system if applications exceed vacancies, and allows only one reasonĀ to deny enrollment – if the applicant has been expelled from his previous school.

In fact, charters have to give preference to students who already attend the converted school, or live in the attendance zone.

GFT’s seventh reason to oppose the Simon Sanchez conversion is the only one that matters: the school’s teachers will no longer have to belong to GFT.