Michigan Education Association in Contract Dispute with Local Employees

The Michigan Education Association has hundreds of employees. These workers are themselves represented by five different staff unions. One of the smaller of these, the Michigan Executive Directors Association, represents labor consultants who work directly for MEA’s local affiliates.

Contract negotiations are often contentious, and just because the employer is a union doesn’t make them less so. In fact, they are often more volatile because both sides know every trick in the book.

MEDA recently filed an unfair labor practice complaint against MEA with the National Labor Relations Board. The staff union accuses MEA of violating Section 8(a)(5) of the National Labor Relations Act, which is failure to bargain in good faith.

I don’t yet have the specifics, but it may have to do with MEA trying to circumvent the staff union and deal directly with the employees.

These types of complaints are usually withdrawn when a contract agreement is reached, but I will provide further details as they reach me.